Yoni Talk: Ask The Oracle, Oct 2023

An online workshop for all Vulva owners, honouring and reclaiming the sacredness of our genitals.

Tuesdays 10th, 17th & 31st Oct 2023

7.30-9.30pm, online.

Here we can meet our vulva in a new way; with intention, awareness and breath.

A space to tap into our Yoni as a portal of creativity, potential and wisdom.

No nudity required on screen.

This is a solo process of sexual self-development, turning inwards ad listening to what our Yoni has to share with us..

Ask, watch, listen.

When we tune into the power of our Sex as a compass, we can listen to her guidance and work with her support in our lives.

Whether you’re happy and embodied around your genitals, or freaked out and unsure, we can all learn more about our bodies and take ownership of our Vulvas.

£30 each or £80 all 3: paypal.me/jemayres

Please use ‘friends & family’ option so I receive the full fee.

Couples Tantric Temple Weekend, Brighton. 30th June – 2nd July
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