Yoni Awakening Series- 3 workshops to bring your s*x toy to! May 2024

“This was paradigm shifting. Thank you.”

Hosting my first Yoni Awakening Workshops blew my heart wide open.

I originally scheduled it thinking I’d have just 5-6 women attending, probably from regular clients who know me well and my Empowered Womans Book Club, as we’d been talking Sex toys and self-pleasure.

But the workshop was so popular it quickly filled to way beyond my expectations, with a waiting list. I had to book another…24 women attended across the 2 workshops!!!

And what’s more…most were completely new to me and this work.

Obviously this is a needed piece of work. I was so emotional as I heard the women share of their experiences.

One women shared online “Yesterdays workshop was gentle and eye opening. It’s given me a way to understand my own pleasure. I felt safe and guided. Thank you for the work you do. “

I felt we needed a regular space to practice this and repattern our long ingrained habits around penetration, both self and partner penetration.

So here we are 3 Thursday sessions allowing us to keep showing up; deepen our learning, build trust with our body and embody the safety needed for penetration to be pleasurable.

I hear so many women speak to me about not enjoying penetration, or at least not as much as foreplay, and talking about feeling numbness inside and only being able to feel with high-intensity vibrating toys.

And this was once my story also!

The classic (and out-dated) idea we need to squeeze and tighten and be thrusted into to feel or for our partner to experience pleasure…lets rewrite that.

Lets soften, and open and breath and recieve!

So I’ve created an online workshop series for this…finally!

I’ve been speaking about it for a while.

The Yoni Awakening Series

Thursday: 2nd, 9th & 16th May

Times: 7.30-9.30pm

Via Zoom

When we awaken the sensation in our Yoni, not from doing but instead from being with our breath, this allows a whole range of experience to potentially occur.

I so often hear from women that they don’t enjoy internal touch or penetration as much as clitoris touch, so this workshop aims at teaching a new way to receive penetration at our own organic pace.

This can be comforting, sensual, healing, nourishing, pleasurable, soft, exciting, arousing…whatever you need in the moment. We’re not trying to push the body in any particular direction.

This series of workshops is for anyone who:

• Would like to get more from penetration.

• Would like to learn how to use a non-vibrating sex toy.

• Experiences inter-vaginal numbness, discomfort or struggles with internal touch.

• Is bored or lost or got into habit with their self-pleasure.

• Would like to drop goal during penetration.

• Take responsibility for their own pleasure.

• Would like to explore a new way of using a sex toy internally

• Or would just like to be guided in a practice to find something new.

Please bring your own non-vibrating sex toy / dildo (or remove the batteries) for internal exploration.

We’ll join together at the start and at the end to connect as a community, but during the practice you won’t be on screen and you’ll be muted.

You’ll all be in your own space, hearing my voice.

I will lead us through a meditation of self-connection allowing us to drop into a deeper space for feeling sensation and relaxing into arousal.

Then I will be guiding you with how we can use our toy / dildo listening to the bodies needs and lead by curiosity, sensation and exploration, not goal.

But ultimately this is a time to give yourself permission to be with your body as a landscape to be explored in a new way.

Costs: £90 all 3 (this is a process so spaces will be prioritised for those who can attend all 3)

Pay via paypal: paypal.me/jemayres

Please untick the ‘goods & services’ box which often automatically applies, as this means I don’t incur a fee, which ultimately means I can keep my prices lower for you.

You’ll be sent the Zoom link plus the ‘how to prepare’ email after payment has been received. Spaces will be limited so book sooner rather than later.

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