This is normal, right…?

This week has been a bustling schedule of client sessions.
And I’m always amazed by what can occur and is needed during a session.

What does an average day in the office look like?

Some days I’m teaching couples about consent (why do couples need to learn about consent?…its just assumed, right?)

Some days I’m working with men on how to receive more and step outside of giving / people pleasing habits which are limiting them AND their lovers.
(Smashing that belief that men are just selfish ‘takers’…and that taking is bad and giving is ‘good’)

Some days I’m showing female clients a selection of dildos…..and find myself measuring their girth.
(‘You make these conversations feel so normal”. That’s because it is.)

Some days I’m teaching how we can access pleasure in our bodies as a resource during times of challenge, ill-health and discomfort.
(No wonder we think we have low libido, if we’re only touching ourselves when we’re horny)

There is no average day…but it’s all normal.

I’m all about normalising these conversation to release the shame that’s conditionally built into our curiosity, or not-knowing, or desires.

What kind of person am I if I voice a desire?
What kind of person am I if I don’t know what I want?
Are my desires normal / ok / acceptable?
Will I be shamed by them?

All these internal chats, that happen unconsciously in the background, stop us from experiencing our fullest pleasure…or even just from learning about it.

Let’s make space and give a language to our bodies and their pleasure.
‘I just want to thank you for putting this work into the world.’

Today, I’ve done some very valuable work.

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