The Sex Positive Book Club (mixed gender) starts January 2024

Tuesdays just got sexier!

12 week group starting : Tuesday 16th January – 2nd April

7.30-9pm. £210

Many people ask me for resources and where they can expand their knowledge and support their curiosity about s*xuality.

My library on this subject is extensive, with so much wisdom, but the work isn’t just in the reading… it’s in the processing, discussing, embodying and the putting into practice via the homework I set.

Sex is still such a taboo subject, so we’re creating a community where we can lift the shame and confusion we have around our bodies, pleasure and sex.

Guided by Certified Sexological Bodyworker and trauma-informed Sex Coach, Jem Ayres, this mixed-gendered space will be rich with learnings and facilitated with care.

Watch me below introduce The Sex Positive Book Club & ‘Mind The Gap’.

The group will meet online each week covering a different chapter.
We’ll be working through books based on Sexual Self-Development, with plenty of time for questions and suggestions of exercises. Couples are welcome to attend together also.

Whether you just love a good book, really want to develop your sexual self or just fancy being part of a new supportive vibrant community, this Book Club is the place. It’s all totally optional, friendly and relaxed… so if you skip a chapter come along anyway and learn from others insights and experiences. You can share as little or as much as you like, no pressure. The Book is only the starting point.

Sessions to include:
– Facilitated discussion and chapter reflection
– Group coaching around relevant sexy topics – Embodiment practices
– Homework set with optional practices and exercises to do at home
– A space for sharing
– Time for Questions
– Sex Coaching wisdom and insights
– Plenty of laughter

Don’t underestimate the transformational power of a sex positive group.
This is a great way to keep in touch with my teachings on a weekly basis for those who do coaching & bodywork sessions with me, but also accessible to those who can’t afford one-to-one work.

About the book:

This book club is 12 weeks long.

Each week we cover 15-20ish pages in our own time, and come to the group to integrate and embody the learning.

Don’t worry if you don’t keep up the reading, its not solely about the book!

Mind The Gap:  The Truth About Desire & How To Future Proof Your Sex Life. By Dr Karen Gurney

“Empowering and informative…this is a book for anyone who wants to better understand themselves, their sexuality and how desire works.”

“Did you know theres an orgasm gap of around 30% between heterosexual couples when they have sex?

In Mind The Gap, Dr Karen Gurney, a clinical psychologist and certified psychosexologist, explores not just this gap, but the gaps in our knowledge of so much of the most important new science around sex and desire.”

“Combining science with case studies, practical exercises and tips, this book is for anyone who wants to better understand the mechanics of desire and futureproof their sex life, for life.”

Heres what Eshana Spiers, Sex Educator for Adults & Children had to say when she found out about I was running a mixed gendered Book Club on ‘Mind The Gap’ by Dr Karen Gurney.

£210 via Paypal. Link here Dates: 12 weeks: Tuesday 16th January – 2nd April
Times: 7.30-9.00pm

Buy your copy: Get your copy in preparation for the first meeting. Read Chapter 1, up to page 27 ready for week 1. Buy your copy here

Womens Tantric Temple (Brighton), 20th April
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