The Sex Chats, Brighton. Thursday 18th April, Brighton

The Sex Chats, Brighton.
Hosted by Jem Ayres & Bear Philips.
Thursday 18th April

Nightingale Room, Grand Central (upstairs)
£15 earlybird (limited)
£18 in advance.  
£20 on the door (not necessarily available)

18th April Ticket link:


Where no sexy topic is off limits: A night of Sexperts sharing their pearls, ideas and teachings on bodies, intimacy and sex.
From the leading conscious sex pioneers & trail blazers who work in the sex-positive field, with ideas that may shock, surprise & excite.

Out intentions for Sex Chats, Brighton:
• To create a night of sex positive speakers to explore subjects that may be new, edgy and/or exciting in a held space.
• To share information, education and ideas from professionals and creatives in the sex positive field.
• To normalise the discussion of intimacy, bodies, sex and pleasure
• To give us a language to use around sex, intimacy and pleasure.
• To release any shame around talking about sex, intimacy, and pleasure.
• To learn from each other and have a place to ask questions you wouldn’t discuss at the dinner table.

Our topics can include:
Consent & techniques. 
Body Image.
Full Body Orgasms.
Cock Love.  
Yoni Worship. 
Sacred Sexuality.  
Conscious kink & fetish.  
LGBTQ+ community. 
How to keep sex fresh & juicy.
Slut & Smut.
Monogamy, polyogomy & everything in between. 

Speakers for April 2024:

Navigating Sex Parties
Sasha Damjanovski

Sex parties are an extreme sport. They can be exhilarating fun to be sure, but one doesn’t go sky diving without doing any research or prep beforehand. Well, this is it – join us and let’s chat about what to expect, how to prepare, and how to navigate the dos and don’ts of sex parties and play events in order to have the whatever best experience would be for you, and lasting beautiful memories. 

Sasha Damjanovski is a life and intimacy coach with a particular interest in sensuality, conscious kink and open relating in all its forms. He aims to create authentic and meaningful experiences in which people can freely explore their interests, needs and boundaries.

The Power of Platonic Touch
Bela Emerson

Platonic touch? Isn’t this a Sex Chat?!

Find out about how applying presence and attention to our touch enhances embodied choice, and deepens connection and intimacy with ourselves and others. 

Bela Emerson (she/they) of Brighton Cuddle Space is a cuddle facilitator and musician, passionate about communication, consent, and connection. 

“How I got out of my head in sex (Improv Sex Ed 101!)”
Haneen Khan

A playful acting out of common bedroom dynamics – revealing how we often outsource our pleasure to our partner. You might feel ‘called out’ but certainly *excited* to own your pleasure 😉 

Haneen Khan is a lawyer (gasp!) turned sex & intimacy coach. She brings a theatrical twist to her work with Internal Family Systems Therapy – and is dedicated to helping people feel alive & playful in their sex and dating life by helping them to connect to what they TRULY want (in the moment) and feel so damn worthy of asking. 

“Navigating Intimate Relationships and The Menstrual Cycle”
Abi Denyer-Bewick

If you are someone who has never experienced a menstrual cycle and are in an intimate connection with one or more people with a menstrual cycle then this talk will shed light on the powerful and mysterious shifting energies of the cycle and offers practical insights on navigating the different phases of the menstrual cycle within intimate relationships. 

Abi is a Leadership Mentor at Red School, a Menstrual Medicine Circle Facilitator, Grief worker, Poet and Ritualist. She is passionate about all humans returning to their cyclical nature and learning how to listen to and communicate their changing needs and desires with kindness and curiosity. 

“The ripple effect: the magic of working with intimacy”
Claire Fox

Imagine if your sexual liberation had the power to change…pretty much everything! From the mundane to magical, let’s explore the potential that intimacy work has to impact every area of your life. 

Claire is a London-based Tantrika, coach and bodyworker. She envisions a future of deep intimacy: real and raw connection with ourselves, the earth and community. Claire’s work combines deep listening, Tantric bodywork, conscious kink and a lot of magic to support people into confidence, aliveness and deeper intimacy with themselves and life. She’s currently based in London and offers 1:1 sessions, private intimacy immersions and online coaching.

“From people pleaser to pro-Dom. How kink could help us all.”
Lex Ryder

Kink is just that weird stuff that people get up to in dungeons, right?!

Well, for a growing number of people, kink is much more than that. It’s a way of exploring intimacy and connection in ways that work for YOU. A way to reclaim pleasure and play. And most of all, a route back to empowerment that impacts every aspect of our lives.

Maybe you too will embrace the label of “kinky” after this talk…

​As a kink and sex educator, Lex has worked with hundreds of people as they embark on their journey into kink through private sessions as well as group courses and workshops. Professionally trained as a Certified Sexological Bodyworker, Embodied Facilitator, and Certified Dominatrix (among other things), they are keen to show the world how kink – done ethically – can help us all to use our power for good.

More speakers to be confirmed

About your hosts:
(Professional S*x Coaches & Trauma-informed bodyworkers)

Jem Ayres

Jem is a certified Sex Geek –  A trauma-informed, Certified Sexological Bodyworker, Sex Coach, Tantra practitioner and teacher. She is the Founder of Orgasmic Embodiment, and  leads workshops, retreats and hosts talks on conscious sexuality.

Co-Founder of Brighton Talks Sex, and co-host of Desire & Intimacy Conscious Sexuality Gathering for people under 40.

Jem has over 10 years’ experience in the field of self-development through the body and teaches what she calls ‘Sexual Self-Development’.

Overcoming stage 4 cancer became her focus for a while, and through this process she embraced and worked with the healing power of orgasm, both teaching and speaking regularly on Full Body Orgasm, using life force for healing.

Jem’s teaching on Full Body Orgasm, featured on Channel 4s ‘Sex Actually With Alice Levine’ Episode 3; Sexual Healing 2021, and Channel 5 documentary  ‘Adults Only: I Need Sexual Healing’ Series 3, Episode 8.

Multi-talented and creative, she is passionate about helping people to connect with themselves through the body, fine-tuning into the subtleties of our life force, using sexual energy to fuel all areas of life.

Bear Phillips

Bear Phillips (he/ him) was an architect and designer for 30 years before giving it up, at the height of his career, to become a sex-worker. He is a trauma-informed bodyworker, and an Intimacy, Dating & Relationship coach. As a coach he works primarily with men around questions of masculinity, misogyny, and patriarchy (and how these impact our most intimate relationships). He has training in psychotherapy, and is currently completing the Compassionate Inquiry Professional Training with Dr Gabor Maté. In his previous life Bear was an internationally exhibited contemporary artist, an educator, and an academic with a Masters in Research & Cultural Studies. He is currently writing his first book.

With hosts who are eyebrow deep in the s*x positive community, these nights of talks promise to be the sex education we NEVER had at school.

The place to shake off any shame and brazenly ask questions you wouldn’t ask elsewhere.

No Nudity.

No Under 18’s.

Ticket link:

We don’t want cost to be a barrier to this work, so if the ticket price is inaccessible for you, get in touch.

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