The next Empowered Woman’s Book Club (online). Starts 24th July 2024

This isn’t just any Book Club….this is The Empowered Womans Book Club, facilitated by Certified Sex Coach and Bodyworker, Jem Ayres.

So many women ask me to recommend them books on sexual self-development, intimacy and relating. My library on this subject is extensive, with so much wisdom, but the work isn’t just in the reading….its in the processing, discussing, embodying and the putting into practice via the homework I set.
Lets shift this shame around female sexuality and pleasure!

This group will meet online each week covering a different chapter.
We’ll be working through books based on Womens Sexual Empowerment, with plenty of time for questions and suggestions of exercises.

Whether you just love a good book, really want to develop your sexual self or just fancy being part of a new supportive group of vibrant women, this Book Club is the place. Its all totally optional, friendly and relaxed….so if you skip a chapter come along anyway and learn from others insights and experiences. You can share as little or as much as you like, no pressure. The Book is only the starting point.

Sessions to include:
– Facilitated discussion and chapter reflection
– Group coaching around relevant sexy topics – Embodiment practices
– Homework set with optional practices and exercises to do at home
– A space for sharing
– Time for Questions
– S*x Coaching wisdom and insights
– Plenty of laughter

Don’t underestimate the power of a group of supportive women. I wouldn’t be a Sex Coach today without my supportive Sexy Sisters!
This is a great way to access my work for those who can’t afford one-to-one coaching or bodywork with me.

Heres what some Book Clubbers have to say…

About the book:

“An Introduce To Tantra: The Transformation Of Desire.

By Lama Yeshe

This book club is 12 weeks long.

After the initial week one we cover 15ish pages each week.

Don’t worry if you don’t keep up the reading, its not about the book!

“Instead of viewing pleasure & desire as something to be avoided at all costs, Tantra recognises the powerful energy aroused by our desire to be an indispensable resource for the spiritual path.”

“Many people have misconceptions about tantra. Leme Yeshe’s lucid and precise explanation, resulting from years of study and his personal practice, dispels all of these.  Demystifying this ancient tradition. He relates it to modern life and shows how tantric practice, correctly done, can transform dissatisfaction and clinging into blissful, compassionate wisdom.”

This book exposes the illusions that people have about loving relationships, and reveals the true nature of love with amazing clarity. You will learn how to change unrealistic expectations into the simple reality of love. Through practical steps, you will discover how to create a relationship that is nurturing and fulfilling to the heart and soul.”

Buy your copy:

Get your copy in preparation for the first meeting.

Read chapter1, for week 1.Don’t wait, buy your copy here

The copy I have has a blue cover with a  red stripe.  I don’t think it matters, if we get different editions.  You can get it from £5 upwards.

Dates: 12 weeks: Weds 24th July- 9th Oct

Times: 7.30-9pm

Cost: £210

Payment link: here

See what these women have to say about The Empowered Womans Book Club below:

Anyone interested, please let me know by email:

Feel free to share with others who may be interested… let’s not keep this a sexy secret!

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