What my clients
say about me

Jem’s Coaching & Bodywork is Sexual Self-Development, therefore it creates change in many areas of clients’ lives…not just in pleasure, intimacy and relationship.

On Working With Jem...

“I have been making a list of wonderful things i have learnt in 2019, and times I was brave and I see your contribution to my growth in so many of the entries.  I really appreciate you for your presence and non-judgmental attitude.  I feel very safe with you, even when exploring areas that are right at the edge of my comfort zone, and I really like that.”

On Working With Jem...

“After just one session with Jem I’ve discovered more about my bodies responses and working with sexual energy than any class I’ve done or book I’ve read, which may sound sensationalist but its true.  I find her the absolute perfect guide / coach / educator.  Knowledgeable, sensitive, intuitive, totally genuine and so supportive.  I completely trust her on this unique path of learning.”

On Working With Jem...

“Through working with Jem, shes helped me transform my relationship with my body, my sexuality, my inner-world and therefore my relationships.”

On Life Coaching...

“A year ago I had a few sessions and you helped me with some coaching, visualisation and reframing. You got me to write down my intention for 6 months and 12 months. Well just over a year on and our predictions have come true, I got a promotion in December into project management role, it was tough and gritty but I got through it and learned a lot along the way. An opportunity presented itself in August this year and I seized it,I’m now promoted again and back in a function role, and simply LOVING every single moment.”


On Life & Career Changes...

“After working with Jem, through her coaching and her bodywork for just a few weeks I have felt some radical and unexpected shifts.  I’m more confident with people and attracting a lot of attention, but mostly I’m surprised at the changes in my work place. I’m feeling braver and better at communicating.  Due to this I’m getting bigger projects at work and making more money. I’m on target and for once not stressed about it, whilst inline for a promotion! There is something in this body acceptance and shame-shedding thing!  Even though Jem talks about it, I never expected the changes to spread to my work life. Very happy to say I was wrong in doubting her. She knows what she’s talking about.”

On Orgasmic Yoga...

“It’s changed my whole life.”

“I felt so free when Jem was holding space to go into the totality of my experience.”

On Jem As A Teacher...

“Jem is a wonderfully positive person who instantly puts you at ease. I thought I would struggle to talk about some of my sexual issues with her but at no point did i struggle! I now feel like I know myself a lot more. Thanks Jem!”

On Self Pleasure Coaching...​​

“Jem has totally changed the way I masturbate. My sessions are now much more about self love. It’s really unconventional, amazing and freeing. Thank you.”

On Daily Self-Care...​​

“Jem just about saved my life and probably my mental health too.”


On Orgasmic Embodiment...

 “Two whole hours of full body orgasms. Who doesn’t want that?”


On Tantra with Jem...

“I have been doing tantra on-and-off for the last 10 years, having worked with 4 or 5 different practitioners in different countries.  What Jem does is another level. The energy she brings to the work is the key difference. I was blown away by the experience and its completely new and fresh each time.”

On Full Body Integration...

“Opening my heart, so that sex and heart were paired.”

On Bodywork...

“Through breathwork, touch, massage, coaching and awareness, Jem has enabled me to access energy pathways and feelings I never knew I had.”

On Energy Orgasm...​​​

“Jem was really open in sharing her knowledge about sexual energy, how to ignite it and move it around the body.  She offered a beautiful energy session which left me feeling blissful and alive.”

On Tantra...​​​

“If you are intrigued by what Tantra can offer, or are searching for more meaning and a deeper experience of sexuality, then I strongly recommend you meet with Jem.”

On Working With Jem...​​​

“I just feel so looked after by Jem and her heart-focussed approach to Tantra.”

On Deeper Experience Of Sexuality...

“If you are intrigued by what Tantra can offer, or are searching for more meaning and a deeper experience of sexuality, then I strongly recommend you meet with Jem.”

On Couples Work...

“Afterwards I remember laying on the lawn saying to you ‘its all about the heart’.  What it felt like you did was lower the centre of energy and then give permission for eroticism to move up to my heart centre.  Opening my heart so that sex and heart were paired. What I’ve always tended to do in an aroused state is to fixate on the lower centre arousal. The primary focus being ‘getting off’ and moving to ejaculation.  This has always been the more compelling pathway. Thus shutting down the heart and trying to maximise the genital arousal.

What I so loved about the state I was in during your session was that the heart stayed open and remained the centre of the experience. There is just no comparison between the two.  And the magical thing is that while focussing on the genitals shuts down the heart experience, positioning the heart at the centre doesn’t impair the ‘lower’ pleasure. It enhances it.  I had concrete experience of this for the first time, which allows the possibility of being able to repeat it in intimate connection with a partner.”

On Deeper Experience Of Sexuality...​​​

“I’ve been working with Jem since mid 2017 on a regular basis. I was looking for a Tantrika willing to take a novice on a true Tantric journey. Whilst many people advertise Tantric Massage, mostly I’d found this was a cover for a quick massage and a ‘happy ending’, with little more than a nod to a true Tantric experience. Jem was different. She treated me with respect, honesty and clarity about where her and my boundaries were. We discussed in detail the work that we would do together, if I chose to work with her.

I set out on a journey without knowing what the ending was. Now I know I am on a journey that has no end. And I hope that Jem will continue to be my Tantric guide, taking me ever deeper into this wonderful world where my life can blossom fully in the knowledge that I can express who I truly am.

On Erectile Dysfunction...

“I was with a partner who’s been having issues with sex since he started taking antidepressants. He was getting pretty upset with himself about his softness, but I remembered you talk about ‘Soft Cock’, and just carried on touching and embracing him all the same. He told me that he’s never had anyone touch his cock without the express purpose of climax and that it felt like a revelation. Thank you for helping break outdated ways of thinking.”

On Self Pleasure Coaching...

“I was totally comfortable seeing Jem for this intimate, deep and personal coaching because she is an absolute consummate professional with total clarity regarding boundaries and was quick to address my nervousness around opening up about sexuality. I feel totally comfortable and safe with her to open up and address long-hidden intimacy and sexuality-related issues.”

On Body Empowerment Coaching...

“I found the coaching session so helpful as it clarified feelings around my body that had been lingering and murky and you provided really specific and tailored suggestions to help that I can easily incorporate into my life/ day which feels really empowering . And your own life example is very inspiring which is in itself energising! THANK YOU JEM.”

On Daily Self Care...

“From Jems recommendation I’m loving asking myself ‘How can I make this moment more pleasurable?’, it helps me take care in my daily life to be more relaxed, comfortable, to make life just a little more… pleasurable. This allows me to be happier, more loving and more productive.”

On Self Pleasure Coaching...

“Since I’ve been doing coaching with you I’ve been a lot more focussed on my body, and less in my mind.  I’ve become aware that I focus more on my breathing and the sensation, and I’m now less reliant on fantasy when I’m masturbating.”

On Life After Cancer ...

 “My cancer is not detectable right now. However, after a succession of clinical trials, operations, biopsies, radiotherapy and drug treatment, I am damaged, mostly impotent and divorced. Jem is helping me find a way forward to a deeper and healthier connection with my body and the prospect of sexual healing. She offers powerful and ethical guidance to help you create your own wellbeing.”



I work with individuals, and couples of any gender 
and sexual orientation.



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