Sex Coaching Circle online, starts March 2023

Welcome to Sex Coaching Circle for the 3 month/6 session container .

Free session: Thursday 23rd March

6 week group starting : Thurdays 30 March – 15 June.

(Skipping 25th May)

7.30-9pm. £165

This closed group is limited to 15 people.

The Sex Coaching Circle is for anyone wanting to learn new things about their bodies, their sex and pleasure.
We’ll create a space for you to learn about deepening your connection to yourself and meeting your body in a new way.

You’ll gain a greater understanding of your body, as well as a tool belt of pleasure-enhancing practices to work with at home.

* During these online sessions Jem will be offering:

– Practical techniques and exercises to expand our capacity for pleasure. 
– A held space by a trauma informed, non-judgemental sexuality professional. 
– The weekly 90 mins space keeps our Pleasure on the agenda. 
– The embodiment practices give us the opportunity to drop deeper into your body. 
– The discussions and practices give permission and a language to pleasure. 
– A container lasting 3 months which helps create new neural pathways and break habits we may have got into around our body, our pleasure and sex. Repetition is how embodiment works. 
– The practices create a toolbox to use through our lives for resourcing, pleasure (both self & with partners) and deepening intimacy. 
– The homework for your personal sexual self-development is optional but supportive to the process. 
– It’s an anchor to come back to even if you skip a week or two, and you ‘ll be welcomed back by will the same faces. 
– It’s maintenance….you don’t have to have a ‘challenging’ sex life to attend. 
– Everyone has more to learn in the arena of pleasure, so we’re all at the same ‘level’. 
– Having others to learn from and witness shows us we’re not alone in our curiosity and exploration. 
– A place to ask questions and bring your celebrations & challenges. 
It’s not therapy!!!! BUT it’s super therapeutic. 

* Topics and discussions can include: 

– Orgasms & how you can expand your orgasmic choice, potential & range 
– How your arousal rhythms effect your interactions and capacity for pleasure 
– Relaxation versus performance 
– Sex beyond the genitals 
– Performance anxiety 
– Self- resourcing & self-pleasuring 
– How you can live from a place of orgasmic potential 
– Difference between sex for mating and sex for bonding 
– How to have more presence with ourselves and our partner(s) 
– How our nervous system affects our arousal response 
Pleasuring your partner(s)

Ticket link to the FREE Sex Coching Circle 23rd March: Click HERE

Ticket link to join the 3 month group: Click HERE

Self-Pleasure Sundays for Vulva owners: 5th, 12th & 19th March 2023
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