Self-Pleasure Sundays for Vulva owners: 5th, 12th & 19th March 2023

A 3-week course.

Pleasure always starts with the self.

A devotional time to be yourself, your body and your own creative, sexual energy.

Whether its to recharge, kick-start or to learn something new, lets make self-touch a celebration of yourself. 

Self-touch without expectation can be comforting, sensual, nourishing, pleasurable, soft, exciting, arousing…whatever you need in the moment.  We’re not trying to push the body in any particular direction.

We’ll join together at the start and at the end to connect as a community, but during the practice you won’t be on screen and you’ll be muted.

This isn’t about voyeurism or exhibitionism.  Its about being truly with yourself.

You’ll all be in your own space, hearing my voice.

I will lead us through a meditation of self-connection allowing us to drop into a deeper space for feeling sensation and relaxing into arousal.

I will be teaching touch techniques for you to try during your practice.

Then I will be guiding you with suggestions at how we can be with our body in a way lead by curiosity, sensation and exploration, not goal.

But ultimately this is a time to give yourself permission to be with your body as a landscape to be explored in a new way.

If you’ve opened up your own pathways to pleasure and let curiosity lead you then you’ll be more likely to be able to fully receive, ask for what you want and build your own arousal without depending on another to satisfy us.

 Long gone are the days where we hand over our pleasure to others expecting them to magically meet our needs.

When we can self-resource ourselves through our own touch it has a very tangible affect on all other aspects of our life.

This course is for Vulva owners who wish to:

  • Be empowered in their own body
  • Stoke their own inner-fire and heighten arousal
  • Create new habits of touch
  • Take responsibility for their own pleasure
  • Self-regulate during pleasure to enhance sensation
  • Learn new skills and techniques for pleasure
  • Discover how to spread sexual energy through their body.
  • Explore genital self-massage
  • Open up to a wider orgasmic range
  • Release the goal in sex
  • Let go of any shame, guilt or fear around our pleasure.
  • Experience guided practices

Each session you’ll be taught techniques for expanding sensation and guided through an exercise, encouraging you to let the body lead.

The course will be tailored to the group, and the experiences will be different for everyone.

Whether its pleasure, nourishment, relaxation or release, the body gets what it needs from the practices.

Homework suggestions will be given to further your sexual self-development throughout the week.

I’m offering 3 opportunities to take advantage of this, I highly recommend attending all 3 if you can so that you can start to reprogramme the body and mind into a new approach with self-touch.  Also, you’ll find your body and pleasure will be different each time, so you’ll be learning to drop expectations along the way and trust the sensations that are occurring.  But you can also attend just 1 or 2 as stand alone sessions.


3 consecutive Sundays: 5th, 12th & 19th March 2023


Cost:  £30 each or £80 all three

Payment details:


Please untick’ goods & services’ to ensure I receive the full amount. Or add £5 on top please.

To keep the group small and intimate, I’m keeping the number of places limited.

So do ensure you book in advance with payment.

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