Self-love where embodiment & empowerment meet

Self-love by Jem AyresSelf-love where embodiment meets empowerment.

“Its like falling surprisingly in love with someone you’ve known for a very long, and never considered it a possibility!”

(From 2 hours beforehand: “I’ve always hated my body”)

 Yesterday my male client turned up for his session full of shame, disappointment and embarrassment around his body. This is the text I received after his Sexological Bodywork and Coaching session with me on Self-Love, Empowerment and Embodiment. 


Dissatisfaction with our bodies.

This is a hard thing for me to hear from my clients. It makes me sad. I actually feel physical pain when I hear someone talking so negatively about their bodies and how the look, or think they look. I remember that unhelpful self-criticism in myself all too well. However, I used to look I was never good enough. But I would always tell myself one-day I’ll look better.

Don’t wait to love yourself.

I also remember the many women during my Burlesque days who said to me ‘I’ll join your classes once I’ve lost this extra stone.’ To which my reply would be ‘Do it now, and learn to love all of you, including that extra stone.’ I wasn’t just trying to book people onto my courses to get their money, I genuinely knew the power of my work and how freeing it is to love your body with absolute acceptance of how it is….right now!!! Right now is all we have.  Don’t wait for tomorrow to start loving yourself exactly as you are.

Because we will never be perfect, there will always be a flaw to find if we look with those self-critical eyes.

Embodiment = empowerment!

Jem speaks here about her Orgasmic Embodiment teachings and what are its benefits.

If anything I wrote here as resonated in you, you may want to contact me for a free consultation on how we can get you onto the path of loving and accepting yourself entirely!

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