Reclaiming our breasts; The powerful self-love process of Breast Massage.

Connecting to our heart space and the reclaiming of our bodies through breast massage is a powerful and beautiful self-love experience. When we work with the breasts we’re actively recharging and giving-back to our positive pole, our centre of generosity.

Sensual touch through breast massage also helps with re-sensitising any numbness we may find and allows us to discover exactly what kind of touch nourishes us, and can set the foundation for breast-gasms.

Self-massage reminds us that our breasts aren’t just for nourishing babies or for our partners to enjoy, but also the place where we as women give from.  Breasts massage fuels us so that our heart can overflow and we therefore have so much more to give; to our children, our partners, our family and our community.  It really is a journey of filling our own cup first, so it positively overspills with infectious joy.

Let yourself be surprised by the aliveness and vibration to be felt within the landscape of your breasts.

During my online Breast Massage workshops for women you’ll be taught some different techniques to try, then guided through a self-massage.

We’re all different so you will be encouraged to adapt the techniques I teach to suit your breasts.

You may just find you ignore my instructions and just spend time being really very soft with yourself, but its the making the space and time to honour your breasts which is the important bit, not the technique.  I’ll be leading you into a process of listening and trusting what your body asks for.  My instructions are just a guide, its your bodies wisdom we really need to listen to.  Too often have we overridden what our body requests- not in my workshops!

Everyone’s experience of the workshop will be completely different.  Joy, grief, love, arousal, rage  – you name it, we’ve had it all appear.

Lets learn from what needs releasing from our precious heart space.

For more info on my up and coming workshops head to the events page

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