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Online Sex Coaching Circles during Lockdown

Online Sex Coaching for men, women, mixed gender and couples with Jem & Hugs

On-going circles: 7.30-9pm

Womens Circle with Jem: Tuesdays: 12th, 26th May & 9th, 23rd June cont… then every two weeks.

Mens Circle with Hugs: Wednesdays: 13th, 27th May & 10th & 24th June cont…. then every two weeks

Mixed gender Sex Coaching Circle with Jem & Hugs: Tuesdays: 19th May, 2nd, 16th, 30th June cont…every two weeks

Couples Sex Coaching Circle with Jem & Hugs: Fridays: 15th, 29th May & 12th, 26th June cont…every two weeks

Each circle runs every two weeks. We have a womens and mens circle one week, then the following week our mixed group. The couples workshops run every two weeks also.

Couples are of course welcome to everything. In fact we recommend couples do the solo work alongside the couples work, as then we have some learning about ourselves to take back to the relationship, instead of depending on the relationship to be our only resource of growth.

Time 7:30-9pm UK time 

During these online sessions we will be offering:

  • Support in Self Pleasure Practice
  • Touch techniques for both self-pleasure ad partner pleasure
  • Setting homework for your personal sexual self-development

Topics and discussions can include:

  • How you can expand your orgasmic choice, potential & range
  • How your arousal rhythms effect your interactions and capacity for pleasure
  • Relaxation versus performance
  • Sex beyond the genitals
  • Full body orgasm and expanded bliss states
  • How you can live from a place of orgasmic potential
  • Difference between sex for mating and sex for bonding
  • How to have more presence with ourselves and our partner
  • How our nervous system affects our arousal response

Who we are:

Jem Ayres:

Jem is a certified Sex Geek –  A Sexological Bodyworker, Tantra practitioner and teacher, a workshop facilitator, public speaker and Orgasmic Embodiment coach.  She has over 10 years’ experience in the field of self-development through the body which at one point included running a burlesque company empowering hundreds of women.

Jem now preaches what she likes to call ‘Sexual Self-Development’ and those who have met her know she walks the walk.

Overcoming stage 4 cancer became her focus for a while, and through this process she embraced and worked with the healing power of orgasm.

Multi-talented and creative she is passionate about helping people to connect with themselves through the body, fine-tuning into the subtleties of our life force, using sexual energy to fuel all areas of life.

Dave ‘Hugs’ Goddard:

Hugs is a Certified Sexological Bodyworker & a Sexual Pleasure Practitioner.

A practitioner with heart and integrity, he offers bodywork session through Orgasmic Expansion, for those who wish to explore deeper states of erotic pleasure.

Using breath, movement and conscious touch, he guides those he works with to become more embodied, more skilled in knowing their pleasure and helps them increase their awareness of sensation during self-pleasure and sexual encounters.

Hugs is a blacksmith by trade. He brings his strength, creativity and love of the elements in everything he does, bringing his earth and fire in his teaching through his presence and passion.

The place where Jem (Orgasmic Embodiment) & Hugs (Orgasmic Expansion) meet is where the magic happens!


Theses sessions are being offer on a donation basis.

Pay what you can afford:

£5- If your wages have been affected by the current situation

£10– Still receiving your full months wage.

£15– Able to pay it forward and help others less fortunate attend.

We don’t want finance to get in the way of people reaching our work so please do get in touch if you genuinely cannot afford the lowest fee.

Pay via paypal:

Then email us directly to confirm your booking:

Mens circle:

Womans Circle:

Warm Regards

Jem & Hugs

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