Sex Coaching Online Community Circle with Jem Ayres: Your questions answered

I feel that gathering in groups for the Sex Coaching Circles online are vital for us in reclaiming our bodies, our pleasure and our sexuality.

Joining an online Sex Coaching circle is a way of meeting each other in our curiosity, free from the shame or taboo of thinking we have an issue if we want to learn more about sex.

Today I received an email from a woman asking how the Sex Coaching online group worked, so I thought I’d turn my reply into this blog as its pretty thorough at explaining the events ins & outs for anyone whose unsure.

So below are the questions and comments I hear regularly about the Sex Coaching Circles.

How safe is the Online Sex Coaching Circle?

To create a safe container:

  • I don’t let people into the Zoom if they’re more than 5 mins late, unless they’ve let me know in advance.
  • Everyone has their video on.
  • The chat option is disabled, only an option to message me directly.

-Before any discussion or sharing commences I remind everyone each week that my online community is ran as an extension of my in-person work therefore everyone needs to agree to safeguarding the confidentiality of the group and all participants names & shares.

-People are encouraged to share or ask questions using their voice and I unmute them, but messaging me privately to ask questions anonymously is also fine but rarely happens as people just feel so safe in the space that’s created.

– Sharing and answering questions is optional. No one is spotlighted or put under pressure. But its such a soft space everyone feels safe enough to share and ask what they need.

– I would happily kick anyone out if there was any ‘inappropriate behavior’, but this just doesn’t occur within my tribe.

Will there be men there?

Yes, this is a mixed group.

A lot of women report they want a female only group. 

This is a mixed gender group but there’s usually more women with a few brilliant men joining.

I think the magical healing in the Sex Coaching circle is due to the mixed nature of the group.

Women have given me feedback saying that they valued witnessing and being witnessed by compassionate and conscious people. However unsure they were to begin with.

What should I expect at the Online Sex Coaching Circle?

The group is usually anywhere between 6 – 15 people. I would have a max of 20 people.

We gather online and start off with some grounding embodiment practice whilst everyone gets in.

I then go through the rules of the group including confidentiality (more on this above.)

I then start a discussion on the weeks theme (this comes out of a trend I see appearing in the questions I get asked throughout the week).

People are encouraged to share or ask questions.

I’d usually then offer a practical embodiment practice that we’d do together.

No nudity or genital touch required.

From that practice I would then set the group homework (which is of course optional.)

I’m new and haven’t done anything like this before.

You don’t need any experience to attend, and we regularly get new people at the online Sex Coaching circle. One great benefit of this group is that you can drop-in and this allows people who haven’t done anything like this before to experience it at low-cost.

Most attendees would have already done some or even alot of work with me so its a good mixed bag of experiences with plenty of others to learn from. This can be very supportive fro the new people who attend too.

I’m very blessed with the amazing people who are attracted to work with me.

I’m very experienced.

You’re also welcome. Even if you’ve done plenty of work with other teachers or even with me, theres always more we can learn about ourselves through this process. Use this as a regular anchor for yourself and a space to deepen your practice.  Being held and witnessed in community is a gift that we all need regularly to flourish.

I always say we are all each others teachers, so we all learn from each other no matter what their experience level, we can see parts of ourselves less clear to us when we witness others.

I don’t ‘need’ sex coaching.

This group is for those hundreds of people who contact me saying “my sex is fine, but I just know there must be something more.”

I don’t have any sexual trauma to work through though….

This group is for everyone who wants to learn something new about their bodies, their sex, their arousal, their connections, their relating, their style of intimacy and more… if that’s you, then this group is a good community for you.

Its rare that we get through these short lives of ours without some scarring, shaming or trauma around sex.  If you’re one of those people, then you are in the few. This work is for the curious. Curiosity to learn more about ourselves isn’t dependant on our trauma.

My sex is fine thank you very much…

This group isn’t just about sex. Its about life  and how we limit ourselves in all aspects of our life shows up so clearly in our relationship to sex, pleasure and our bodies, so this makes it a brilliant starting point.

“I just wanted to say how amazing I found the online Sex Coaching Circle you lead last night. I was so nervous and didn’t know what to expect. I almost didn’t come. But you made it so safe and so much fun. I thought we might just all sit around exposing our darkest secrets and uncomfortable sexual dysfunctions but it was the total opposite. You taught us to celebrate ourselves and our bodies, and I got plenty of practical tips and ideas on how to make my sex life better, even though I’m currently single.  I came away completely reset, refresh and elated. So pleased with myself for attending. Its just so freeing to be able to talk and hear and learn about this stuff. I feel like a new person. Now hoping I can make it every week. I don’t want to miss any moments of wisdom.”

How to get involved?

The Sex Coaching Community Circles with Jem run every two weeks on a Tuesday, 7.30pm start.

Sex Coaching Online Circle 2021 with Jem Ayres fire

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