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Online Sex Coaching Circles: The importance of meeting in tribe.

Sexual self-development to reclaim our bodies, our pleasure and our sexuality by meeting online in Sex Coaching Circle.

Honestly, I’m just so blown away, each and every single day by the utterly brilliant people that are attracted to my sex coaching work, both in-person & online.

Those who have the curiosity or the determination or resourcefulness to step outside of the box and explore themselves within the arena of sexual self-development, I call them my Tribe.

After a few years of this work, meeting amazing beings on their journeys and them choosing to share that with me, I noticed I was in such a privileged position. It was as if I was sat on a conveyor belt passing by, one after another after another beautiful human and seeing their most precious parts of themselves, the bits others don’t see so readily- their strength, their integrity, their vulnerability, their flaws. What a fucking honour!!!! And yet none of them were meeting, sharing or witnessing each other. I just wanted to shout ‘You are not alone!!!!’ There are many of us out there all thinking and feeling the same thing. Whatever you are feeling about your body, your pleasure or your sex, I can promise you someone else is thinking it too. This is why I started the online sex coaching circles!Those who have the curiosity or the determination or resourcefulness to step outside of the box and explore themselves within the arena of sexual self-development, I call them my Tribe.

Why is online Sex Coaching group work so important?

Being seen and heard helps dissolve the shame, the loneliness and the confusion around our sexual beliefs, habits and practices.  If we can learn to openly talk about ourselves this deeply then we can remove the stigma around sex, bodies and pleasure. Taking sex out of the darkness of fear & ignorance and into the laser sharp light of awareness like this means we’re less likely to fall victim to those things that keep us small- guilt, shame and anxiety.  Ultimately we make ourselves less vulnerable and more empowered when we give ourselves space to speak up and a language to use,  and practice being in very real, grounded discussion about genitals, arousal, boundaries, sexuality and all those other subjects we can’t bring up at the dinner table.
Being witnessed in our leanings can be such a turning point for our development, as well as hearing others experiences and learning from what others share.
Its not just me that is the teacher, we’re all each others teachers!

Being together…

So wonderful to bring people together into community and to say “Here we are…..together…..this is our tribe…..our clan….the family….the people who will understand.”

My heart swells with massive pride at the bravery of the folks I share this work with, sitting with them on their learning path whatever that looks like.

The drop-in Sex Coaching Circles online are the perfect place to experience this sense of tribe and step into the world of working on our own unique exploration.

Every two weeks we gather to celebrate, share and lean together.  I choose a theme each week to speak on and offer embodiment practices and homework to deepen the work for those who choose.

For the most popular questions people ask about the online sex coaching circle I’ve written a blog which you can see here

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