What I offer

Jem tries to offer products and services which suit all different lifestyles and budgets. Whether you wish to dive in deep into a programme of tailored work for you or to take home practise at your own pace; Jem’s mix of offerings including Bodywork, Online sessions, Downloads and Videos will support you in that.

What would you like in your life...?

Finding new pathways to pleasure for myself

Learning new ways of lovemaking with my partner

Increasing self-care and self-confidence

Understanding/loving/knowing myself/my body

Understanding/knowing my partner/s and their body

To connect more deeply, learning alternative ways of being sexual and sensual in my relationship.

Moving beyond sexual fantasy

Greater choice around Orgasm and what holds you back from pleasure.

Working on or overcoming shame and or fear

Opening up to who I really am

Opening up to who my partner/s really is/are

Greater libido and desire in my life / relationship

Experiencing high arousal in a relaxed state

Working on boundaries

Discovering my needs and desires

Increasing sexual satisfaction

Communicating my needs and desires

G-spot exploration

Expressing difficulties around my sexuality

Prostate exploration

Self/other pleasuring techniques

Experiencing pleasure without erection

Self-pleasure / Masturbation coaching

Creating healing or sensual rituals for myself

Creating healing or sensual rituals of connection with partner/s

Extending/expanding orgasmic states

Learning about tantric practices

Learning about/exploring my genitals

Less genital pain, numbness or tension

Learning about/exploring my anus and / or prostate

“Now my relationship with my body is like falling in love with someone you’ve known for a very long time but never considered it a possibility before.”
Online Coaching
Falling into water droplets
“Jem’s Online coaching is an amazing opportunity to dive deeper into your own Sacred Pleasure. It’s an invitation to truly commit to yourself and re-wire some deep rooted beliefs and patterns when it comes to self pleasure and sexual pleasure.”
- AK February 2019

Online Coaching can work for both individuals and couples.

What new pathways to pleasure could we find if we tried body lead pleasure techniques instead of mind lead?

Through my Online coaching, I work with individuals and couples who wish to expand their capacity for pleasure in all areas of their life.  Getting conscious around the sensations in the body through different experiences and exercises.

My coaching isn’t just for those of us who identify with a sexual ‘problem’ or dissatisfaction in our arousal or response.

It’s for those of us who want to learn something new about our body.

Expand our orgasmic potential, moving from masturbation to self-pleasure, and from sex to divine love-making.

We can step away from habitual porn use, unhealthy fantasises or peak orgasmic experiences and get more full-body pleasure in your life.

This is life-changing and empowering work.

Somatic sex Coaching and Bodywork
“I had quite a few 'Aha!!' moments in just 1 session! On reflection, they are also relevant to other wider areas of my life. I was most struck by realising that 'I really do not know my own body'!! Do not know what it likes/doesn't like, don't even know what some parts of it feel like! Even after years of meditation/ movement practices, working with Jem got to ignored areas with a new awareness... I could say it reached 'shadow parts' of my body-awareness. Working with Jem exceeded my goal of gaining understanding about my sexual body, and gave me invaluable feedback on my unexplored boundaries resulting in better clarity in my relating.”
- MP March 2019

Bodywork & Coaching sessions are a co-created between us.

After an initial free phone consultation, we would set an intention for your session and I would tailor an experience to suit your needs.

The session can include coaching, breathwork, massage, consensual touch and other somatic exercises to explore what comes up and gently navigate our way through any challenges.

Bodywork sessions are a profoundly rich and deep experience of growth, learning and possibility.

You’ll be set homework and will be supported in between sessions to continue your development outside of the practise space.

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