Mummas Struggles

Yummy Mummas 

Previous client: Sharons words….

‘Just after the babes were born I started to distrust my instincts, and while I received lots of support for my parents concerns, my sexual ones were never touched on.

I distrusted what I should enjoy after becoming a parent. I should be quieter, more sedate, I couldn’t let go properly because my life and my body wasn’t my own anymore.
Moms don’t do kinky loud raunchy sex. Moms can’t tell their lover what to do to please them.

A single woman can do all those things, but not a mom.

Having the doctors push hormonal birth control on me right after a difficult birth and not allowing my body to equalize also made things difficult because I didn’t have an idea of what my normal hormone levels were and why at 4 pm I was always frisky but didn’t care about it come 5 pm when the partner was home.

Body shape bothered me as well the mummy tummy made me feel unattractive because I felt I needed a belly bra.’

Sexually healthy Mummas, pass on sexually healthy messages to their children on pleasure, their bodies and their boundaries!

If you need any help with finding your sexual self after childbirth, or how to create a way of educating your children or pleasure, consent & safety in a sex-positive way, do get in touch.

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