How To Achieve More Embodied Pleasure with Jem Ayres

When did we last award someone for being the most orgasmic, pleasure centred human? 

Answer: erm… never.

So where are we supposed to get our inspiration from when it comes to giving ourselves permission to feel good?  Where are the role models?

Enter:  Jem Ayres.  

Jem is a Sexological Bodyworker who pleasured her way out of Stage 4 cancer (along with all the conventional treatments of course).

In this conversation we talk about:

✨ Recovering from Stage 4 cancer
✨ The health benefits of orgasm
✨ Full body orgasm vs genital orgasm
✨ How we learn to ‘tolerate’ suffering
✨ Do we even look up to role models who endorse pleasure?
✨ How to ensure that chaos can’t touch you
✨ Self development as a ‘body’ pursuit not just a ‘mind’ pursuit
✨ Trusting & listening your own body vs the people around you telling you what to feel
✨ Finding pleasure even in pain
✨ Arousal and pleasure are two separate things.
✨ The old idea of sex needing to end in orgasm
✨ Accessing pleasure as the precursor for manifestation

So if you’re ready to unleash the power of pleasure, do not miss this episode.

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