How Does Online Self-Pleasure Coaching Work?

Before a session, we start with a consultation call so you get to ask me questions and feel into if I’m the right fit for you.  We’d also get to discuss your needs and how we’d work together.

Then you’d fill out an Intake Form which will start some thought processes for you and help you get clear on your intention, then I can tailor the session to meet your needs from that information.

Every session and how I work with each person is different.  There’s no one-size-fits-all when we work with bodies and pleasure and reframing our conditioned beliefs that limit us in sexuality.

We might look at habits and patterns you have around pleasure, how those might not be helpful in terms of experiencing something new,  and what we could do that’s different.  I’d probably teach you some practices to use for homework.  These could include:  breath, micro-touch practice, whole body practices, genital touch practices and a structure for your self-pleasure.

All of these practices will help you get something new from your self-pleasure, breaking limiting habits and turn ideas of self-touch on their head a little.

Book a consultation call here to discuss how you could expand your capacity for pleasure.

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