3 thoughts on “Home Practise One: Breath & Sound”

  1. Good video. Very clearly spoken. As a singer, this is one technique used to help singers anchor their sound. Without this idea the sound is produced from head thinking not body support.
    You are doing a good job and well done with your journey and getting the all clear.
    Kenneth Ridgeway.
    I have been researching now for three years.

  2. Rosemary Lenihan

    Hi Jem thank you so much for giving me these videos to practice my breath work it’s amazing when you learned how to breath properly and I total understand why you have to make sound when you breath out, I feel such more happier And relaxed in myself now such as enjoying been in the present & not in my head anymore. Thank you , your one in a million will be looks forward to doing more classes with you.

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