For Men: Holding The Seed: Semen Retention & Ejaculatory Choice Online course. Sept 2024, online

A 4-week intensive course for penis owners on expanding your capacity for pleasure through semen retention and ejaculatory choice.

“Your manageable yet deeply profound teachings have changed my life, and the way I touch myself and my partner. In such a short time, the pleasure in my body now seems, as you say ‘limitless’. I had no idea how much I didn’t know.  Your simple techniques have given me a much larger understanding of my bodies behaviour.  Thank you is not enough.”

As Sex Coach & Bodyworker I hear the same questions and common complaints from penis owners on ejaculatory choice and semen retention.

AND I see so many teachers advocating it, but not giving any techniques to support the practice.

Benefits to semen retention:

  • Having ejaculatory choice.
  • Separating orgasm & ejaculation.
  • Greater full bodied orgasmic experiences.
  • Helps with premature ejaculation.
  • Letting go of the goal orientated approach to pleasure.
  • Lasting longer in pleasure in both partner and self-pleasure.
  • Greater intimacy and connection with your partner.
  • Feeling more confident and in control.
  • Greater focus and creativity in all areas of life.
  • Not being needy or obsessive around sex and sexual thoughts.
  • Conservation of energy, improved immune system & other believed health benefits.
  • Explore the pleasure to be found in the journey.
  • Opening up to soft cock pleasure.

Myths to look at:

  • Semen retention means I just don’t w*nk.
  • It’s bad for you to never ejaculate.
  • You have to prevent yourself from org*asm.
  • Ejaculation is the greatest pleasure men can have.
  • You need to practice ‘edging’.
  • You get ‘blue balls’.
  • But my partner wants me to ejaculate.

 Each week we take science and ancient spiritual practices to bring you exercises and homework to help increase or capacity for pleasure in your life and support you in starting the practice of separating your org*asm from ejaculation.

These are the tools for achieving choice and freedom within our sex lives.  They are really simple and manageable and due to that people think they won’t work.  Changes will occur in your body and your mind over time.  Your response to touch will change.  Your arousal will change. Your connection with a partner will change.

You will be guided expertly through each weeks sessions, where Sex Coach Jem Ayres will put the tools in your hands. So what you do with them is upto you.  Trust in the process.  You are your own teacher.  You’re both the scientist and the guinea pig.

Its an empowering process.

Week by week we’ll be demystifying the practice of semen retention, taking a very practical and science-based approach to our bodies, our pleasure and our arousal response.

Expect explanations, demonstrations, self-touch techniques and homework.

About Jem Ayres:

Jem is a certified Sex Geek –  A Sexological Bodyworker, Tantra practitioner and teacher, a workshop facilitator, public speaker and Orgasmic Embodiment coach.  She has over 10 years’ experience in the field of self-development through the body.

Jem now teaches what she likes to call ‘Sexual Self-Development’ and those who have met

Multi-talented and creative she is passionate about helping people to connect with themselves through the body, fine-tuning into the subtleties of our life force, using sexual energy to fuel all areas of life.

Tuesdays: 3rd, 10th, 17th & 24th Sept
£200 for the full 4 week course. 

Please untick ‘Goods & Services’. as this incurs a fee and I don’t wish to increase my course prices to cover this. Please tick ‘friends & family’ if you’re comfortable with that.

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