Grief, loss & numbness

Today I worked with my 5th or 6th client in the last 6 months who has come to me with numbness in the body and the inability to experience pleasure / orgasm, after grief, heart break or bereavement.
After dealing with my loss, heartbreak and bereavement trauma in 2021, I’m grateful that I have the embodied wisdom that came from that crippling time to pass on.

We have such high expectations of our body and not enough awareness around how emotional intensity and trauma affect our systems.
We think our body should just function separately to our brain and heart. 
We think it’s only sexual trauma that shuts us down sexually, but that’s not true.
If we open up to feeling pleasure, we open up to FEELING, and this includes all the sensations including opening ourselves up to feel the fear / loss / heart break etc.
So instead we numb out.
There’s nothing physically wrong here. It’s just reaching a level of acceptance around what we’re going through. And using practices which teach the body it’s safe to feel and it won’t get overwhelmed, as sensation and emotions are intrinsically linked, when emotions get too much to feel the body protects us by shutting down.

Love yourself softly please everyone. X

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