Full Body Orgasm Day Retreat, 21st Sept 2024, Brighton

Full Body Orgasm Day Retreat
Saturday 21st Sept 2024, 

Join Jem Ayres, Orgasmic Embodiment Coach, Certified Sexological Bodyworker she guides you in an exploration of your s*xual energy.

When we work with Full Body Energy Orgasms we start to recognize that we carry a limitless inner-power and it can be harnessed for personal growth and vibrancy aswell as greater pleasure!!!!!

“I feel more alive than I have done in years.”

When we have instant access to this sexual life force within us, everything in our world shifts.  We feel more alive, we become stronger yet softer, we become more approachable, we become more willing to take healthy chances and leap into new opportunities, we attract great people, our relationships change with our partners, our children, our friends,  we become more productive.  We start loving life just that little bit more.  You can’t quiet put your finger on it, but you feel different, ad the people around you see it too.

Whether its self-love, self-development or a better sex life you’re interested in, Jem will guide you through experiencing your body and its sexual energy in new ways, safely with support and care.

Tuning inwards to the subtle energies within we’ll be working using different techniques to create the Life-force energy within our bodies which can fuel our lives. This energy is not to be underestimated, and when harnessed can bring very real growth, healing and change.

Please note this work doesn’t require sexual or genital touch.  You are completely in choice around your body and how you work with it.  This is a solo practice but tere will be some partner/group work and you can remain fully clothed and choose not to receive physical touch, and still have the full experience. 

Everything to do with your body, depends entirely on your comfort level.

This event is open to all beings, all genders and all sexual preferences, whether newbies or well-versed in these types of spaces. 

Couples are also welcome, and if you choose to only work together, thats absolutely fine.

  • You are always in choice – you do not need to do anything you don’t want to. 
  • Consent, confidentiality and boundaries will be the basis of our work and we’ll weave these into practices.
  • Honour your own organic pace.
  • This is a sober event, no alcohol or drugs. 

Humankind Studio, 22 Montague Street, Kemp Town, BN2 1JX
On Google maps here: https://goo.gl/maps/PPBX9WQmkSdjudLAA

Date & time: Saturday 21st September July, 1.30-10.00pm

Tickets here: https://dandelion.events/e/w1793

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