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With all this great free content Jem puts out into the world there is no excuse for not getting interested in your body, your pleasure and your sex!

Home Practice Videos

These videos are helpful for those who wish to further their practise at home either in preparation for working with Jem, or to keep up the benefits inbetween sessions.

Jem's Sex Coaching on YouTube

Jem’s YouTube channel is where she talks about the common challenges in sex, pleasure and our bodies. Here she also explains the aspects and benefits of her work.

Jem's Sex Coaching
Jem Ayres

What is Orgasmic Yoga?

Orgasmic Yoga isn’t about getting into tricky positions on a mat. It’s about consciousness and union with our touch.  

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Jem's Sex Coaching
Jem Ayres

What is Sex?

Jem asked ‘What is Sex?’ to the run up to her Empowered Womans Book Club and here are the results of her survey.  

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The 'Sex Chats'

Jem hosts The Sex Chats Podcasts talking to real people about real bodies, real pleasure and real sex. Having the conversations other aren’t.

The Sex Chats
Jem Ayres


Listen to my latest podcasts on Spotify, Itunes or Sounder Itunes Sounder

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Featuring Jem

Jem Ayres

Pleasure Responsibility

YOU are responsible for your pleasure. Lets take the pressure off our partners.  How can you increase your comfort and pleasure right now?  

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Jem Ayres

The Eagle Podcast

            Finding your joy and why cancer is not a fight Jem speaks about being your own healer and the

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Home Practice Music Playlists

Guided Self-Touch Meditation

Self Touch
Jem Ayres

The Foundation

This Self-Touch guided meditation encourages us to raise awareness of subtle sensation in our body using breathwork, which can lead to greater arousal.

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