How do we book a session?

First you can use my contact page to book a free 15 minute online consultation.

After the consultation we can book in either a face-to-face or online session, which you’d need to pay a deposit to secure.

I would then email you a form to send back asking for more information so I can further plan your session.

Do I need to do anything to prepare for the session?

The work begins once you’ve decided to reach out and book a session.  Take some time to fill out and return the intake form I email you. This in itself can be an enlightening process to begin with.

Notice any fears, anxieties or relevant experiences you may have in the lead upto a session.

On the day of your session make as much space as possible for yourself. Give yourself plenty of time to arrive and park.

Afterwards don’t rush back into work or meetings.

How do I look after myself after a session?

I always recommend people keep a clear few hours after a session so that they can stay soft and fully integrate the process.

The work doesn’t finish once you’ve left the room…it’ll keep percolating as realisations and learnings pop up as we start to break old limiting patterns in our lives.

Some people find it helpful to journal what they learnt, others just like to take a nice bath.

I recommend drinking lots of water and eating a healthy meal to ground.

If anything comes up after a session even if its weeks later I do encourage people to get in touch with me for a follow-up phone call.

What do I need to do during a session?

A session is co-created by both the client (you) and the practitioner (me).  Its important that you get to be in choice around what happens, and stand in your power instead of it being a passive experience where someone else (me) decides the process and outcome.  This in itself can be incredibly healing for us to have a voice around our body.

I’ll lead you into exercises which help you use your voice, find your comfort, ask for what you need, express boundaries and keep checking in with your body.

The sessions are a mixed of going inside to ‘feel’ the experience and coming out to track or ‘name’ it.

I’ll lead you through all of this.  You will be well looked after. You don’t need to do or be anything other than yourself.

How long is a session?

My minimum sessions are two hours.  Bodywork is subtle and powerful work, not to be rushed.  If we need more time then this would be discussed prior to the session start.

What does a session look like?

My sessions are a mixture of Bodywork and Coaching, and most contain both.  We co-create a session so you have the choice.  

Initially we would get seated, comfortable and work on tuning in so that you are in the best place to discuss and express your needs.  I may ask some questions guided from your intake form, which would also contain your intention and desired outcome. Then I would offer suggestions of what the session could include based on that, and you then get to choose which direction it takes.

What is Bodywork?

Bodywork is a self-development modality which can be therapeutic to connect us with our body and its sensations for a greater understanding of ourselves, our pleasure, our beliefs, our responses, our reactions and much more.

Its literally working with the body-mind connection for learning, feeling, re-sensitising, releasing, breaking habits, creating new pathways besides other things.

Bodywork can involve touch, breathwork, energy work, sensation tracking.  Its usually incredibly subtle, simple and slow however not to be underestimated as its also incredibly powerful work.

What is Coaching?

I may suggest a coaching based session as being heard, witnessed and acknowledged creates a shift in the process of making changes.   Also a lot of the work can be in mindset shifts around perception of our bodies, our pleasure and our sexuality.

I hold a safe non-judgemental space to talk about those things you can’t talk about anywhere else. Never underestimate the liberating power of another person being 100% present to you.

How does Online Coaching work?

I started offering online coaching for those who live further afield, but clients who are more local have found it useful to have coaching sessions in between Bodywork sessions to check in and keep on track with any homework I set.

Online coaching is a good way for me to hold you in the process and for you to be supported in your noticings and challenges as they come up when you’re no longer in the room.  The real learning is in how we apply the teachings to real life.

Homework / home practise?

The one-to-one sessions are powerful, but the work doesn’t stop once you’ve left the room.  I may recommend some awareness exercises, journaling, self-touch bodywork, books or videos to keep the practise going at home tailored to your needs.  Doing the work in between sessions really does help further your development and understanding.

This allows you to process the learnings from the sessions and integrate them into daily lives.  Taking the practises into real life is where it matters.

Online coaching after or in between sessions is a great way to support this.

And don’t forget to check out my videos and audios for home practise suggestions.

Do I have to take my clothes off?

You’re always in choice during your session. I will work within your boundaries.  Many exercises wouldn’t require you take off any clothes.

Some sessions may include bodywork and conscious touch, where you get to choose your level of comfort as regards to clothing.

Often people find that can be liberating and nurturing to be witnessed and accepted in your full beauty, flaws and all.

And its important to remember you can change your mind, moment by moment.

How many sessions will I need?

This always depends on your desired experience / outcome.  The homework I set and in between coaching sessions are often the best way to further your development.

But a lot can be experienced and shifted in just one session.  Often stepping through the door of your first session is setting such a huge intention for yourself that big changes can occur after session one.

But no two people with the same desired outcome will learn at the same pace.  I can give you an educated judgement on how many sessions I believe you may like to participate in to feel a change.

Do sessions involve sex?

No, this isn’t a sexual service.  We may be working with pleasure, sensation and arousal as a learning and development tool for greater understanding of the self.  Sex is not required for that, even if your fears, frustrations and challenges are around the act of sex.


All questions, emails and sessions are confidential and are not discussed elsewhere.  If I believe I could serve you better by getting an opinion on your circumstances with a colleague then I would always get your agreement to do this first.  Your intake form and any notes I take are password protected and your name or personal details aren’t attached to them.

Do you work with people with disabilities?

Depending on the disability, yes.  If I’m not the best person for the job I will always try to recommend a colleague who I believe could better meet your needs.

People with physical disabilities:  Not all of my venues are fully accessible, so this would be something we’d need to discuss.  On such occasion I may suggest I come to you, depending on location and distance.

Do you work with people from the LGBTQ community?

Yes I work with individuals and couples of all sexual orientation, gender configuration and fluidity.

Do you work with people in non-monogamous relationships?

Yes I work with couples or individuals in various relationship structures on how to navigate the sometimes complex landscape of non-monogamy and the pleasure to be found within that.

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