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Jem runs workshops and events, as well as leading sessions and
giving talks for groups, retreats and organisations.
If you would like to book Jem to run a
workshop or to give a talk, contact her here.
“Thank you so much for your energetic orgasm demonstration and self-touch workshop. It helped me to understand my own body and gifted me the freedom to fully feel and express myself.”

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Past Events

“What Jem does is another level.”

jem ayres

Book Jem to speak or facilitate at your event

“Jem is a gifted and inspirational speaker, when sharing her story she invites the audience into her truth and her authenticity. This enables her to deliver a talk that not only inspires and motivates but invites the audience to ponder the bigger questions about life, health and pleasure. Listening to Jem is effortless.”

Jem tailors her talks and facilitation to suit the needs of the group.  From the more conservative to the radical, she can win over any audience, spreading her empowering message and making discussions around sexuality accessible to all.

Workshop and Talk subjects:

Jem speaks on a wide range of subjects and no two talks are ever the same.

If there is a subject which interested you but isn’t covered here do contact Jem to discuss.

  • Outercourse – Pleasure Beyond The Genitals
  • The Art of Receiving
  • Expanding Womens Pleasure: What Lies Beyond the Clitoris
  • Reframing Mens Pleasure: Soft Cock Rocks
  • How To Speak To Your Children About Pleasure, Consent And Their Bodies.
  • Boundaries and Consent
  • Erotic Health
  • Finding Your Authentic ‘Yes’
  • Pleasure Responsibility
  • Yes To Pleasure = Yes To Life
  • The Healing Power Of Orgasm
  • Overcoming Cancer Through Veganism, Self-love And The Power Of Belief.
  • From Cancer to Freedom: The Power Of Choice
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