Desire & Intimacy Under 40s Festival: 25th to 29th May 2023 2023

~ A Conscious Sexuality Festival for the Under 40s ~

25th to 29th May 2023

Introducing a sexuality gathering for people under 40.

An event dedicated to the evolution of the sex positive community.

Welcoming all who wish to create a space where our authentic selves are honoured and valued. Working within the rich framework of consent and boundaries, gives us the opportunity to play, connect, heal and experience together as a community.

A trauma aware space representing diversity and inclusivity within the sexuality community.

Where differences are celebrated as the foundation of curiosity, creativity and learning.

Our team of facilitators offer a wealth of experience and the different pathways to intimacy.

Meet your Festival Organisers

Introducing your festival organisers Jem Ayres & Madalaine Munro.

Both trauma-informed, Certified Sexological Bodyworkers whose work within somatic sex education spans across a wide range of audiences as pioneers at the forefront of conscious sexuality movement.

With their brilliant balance of sexuality, spirituality and science, Jem & Madalaine wish to make this work as accessible as possible.

Jem Ayres

Madalaine Munro

Jems drive is to make the work of sexuality as accessible and as empowering as possible, ‘changing the world one orgasm at a time’. A self-proclaimed Sex Geek, teaching what she calls ‘Sexual Self-Development’ with practices from numerous trainings including Sexological Bodywork, Tantra & Sex Coaching.

Madalaine brings a heart-centred and nurturing approach to sexuality weaving together sacred rituals and science backed approaches from her training in Sexology, Psychosexual Somatic Therapy and Somatic Attachment Therapy.

Facilitators so far are…

Ed Rooke

Bethany Burgoyne

Conor Aphilia

Ed’s work weaves together Tantra and Shadow Work to help people connect with their natural aliveness, and bring all of themselves into their intimacy and expression.

“I got a really strong sense of what it is to be emotionally blocked at a young age when my own wounding led me to be stuck for years with chronic illness. Nothing has ever come close to bringing me alive like this work and nothing else feels as important.”

As well as completing a Doctorate in Psychology, Ed has trained extensively with a number of teachers over the years, in particular his work is influenced by Stephen Gilligan (Hypnotherapy/Generative Trance), Rod Boothroyd (Shadow Work), Hal & Sidra Stone (Voice Dialogue), Mateo Tabababai (Non-dualism/Tantric Awakening) and from many years of assisting and supervision with renowned relationship expert Jan Day (Living Tantra).

Ed now leads several of the workshops in the Living Tantra Programme, as well as offering a range of programmes for men focusing on the themes of sexuality, archetypal empowerment, intimacy and shadow.

For more about Ed, click the picture above.

Bethany is a sensuality coach and writer on a mission to help people liberate themselves through creative avenues. Using movement and vocalisation techniques, Bethany encourages others to dig deep into what intimacy means for them, so they can express their desires and boundaries confidently and without shame.

Bethany is an advocate for female body hair positivity and the founder of The Sassy Show, a multimedia platform promoting women and non-binary people within the arts and entertainment industry. They are a performer in their own right, known for their provocative songs and striptease show under the name Bx Sassy .

Conor is a Shibari focused Swer and creator. Rope is an extension of his broader K1nk interests and is rooted in a desire to explore nuanced and often challenging states. Regularly working with beginners and those new to the practice, his style has been informed by his professional experience and led him to develop an intentional and body-centric approach to Rope.

For Conor, Shibari is a tool for physical communication, and each encounter is a dialogue that never presupposes a person’s capacity or physical ability. His approach to aesthetics, compositions and patterns is determined by the requirements of the scene and the people involved. The objective of rope is the creation of new emotional spaces in which to navigate emotional states in a safe and exciting way.

Sally-Shakti Willow

Bear Phillips

Lex Ryder (they/them)

Sally-Shakti Willow is a Writer, Coach & Ritual-Maker,
supporting visionary writers as a doula for birthing their words. She works with the rhythms of the seasonal cycles and creates ceremonies and Word-Magick Rituals to support deep inner healing and transformation. She has a PhD in Contemporary Literature from the University of Westminster. In recent years Sally-Shakti spent time living at Osho Leela, where she facilitated
workshops, ceremonies and writing rituals; coming back home to a more embodied relationship with writing and the land.

Bear Phillips is a lover, trauma-informed bodyworker and a dating & intimacy
coach. He is passionate about creating safe(r) spaces of acceptance and learning around sexuality, allowing ourselves to be witnessed in our fullest
expression and humanity.
Bear has been involved in various forms of therapy and personal development for more than half his life, and is currently training in Compassionate Inquiry with Gabor Maté.

For more info, click on picture.

Lex is a sex and kink educator working with individuals and groups of all genders who wish to explore the themes of sexuality, pleasure, intimacy, identity, relating, and power, beyond the “norms”.

All of their work is centred around embodiment – learning to listen (again) with curiosity and compassion to our true desires and needs within, and finding ways to express these. When we do this, we get to experience life in full colour AND the world gets to enjoy the gifts of our wonderful uniqueness.

In addition to their professional training as a Sexological Bodyworker, Conscious Kink practitioner, Certified Dominatrix, and Embodied Facilitator, Lex draws upon their (good, bad, and ugly) experiences of navigating life as a queer, kinky, and non-monogamous person!

Details & Tickets

Start: Thursday 25th May 2023 @ 5:00 pm

End: Monday 29th May @ 5:00 pm

Earlybird Price: £350 (up to 2 weeks before the event starts)

Full price: £375

Student Ticket Price: £275 (subject to providing a valid Student Card on arrival to the event)

BIPOC Community: £275. This ticket price is not a discount, but a gesture to acknowledge and recognise the systemic underrepresentation within the conscious sexuality field of BIPOC communities.

Ticket includes food and camping

Accommodation extra per night:
Camper £10
Dorm £20
Regular room £35
Large room £45
Premium room £55
Double bed pod £55

Accommodation is allocated on a first come first served basis. If you are purchasing a student ticket and wish to book dorm / private accommodation, please contact the booking office: 01747 821221

For all enquiries, please phone the Osho Leela Booking Office on: 01747 821221

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