Deepening Intimacy Couples Retreat. Glastonbury, June 2021.

11th – 13th June 2021

A rich place for relationships to flourish.

This deepening intimacy couples retreat is the perfect place to work towards changing patterns and co-creating healthy new habits for our partnership when we give it time and space, and the right tools for bonding.

This is a safe yet playful space for yourself and your partner to learn about deepening your connection and meeting each other in a new way.

Relationship can be the place for the biggest growth within our lives, but also has the potential for the greatest challenges.

How easy it can be to stop making time to connect with each other when the daily roles of life get in the way. But recharging or reigniting that spark and desire can be just as easily achieved.
Sex Coach & Tantra Practitioner Jem Ayres, alongside Sexual Pleasure Practitioner, Hugs will guide you through the weekend. Both Sexological Bodyworkers their knowledge is rooted in science but their passion is to share sacred sexuality work for healing, growth, intimacy and greater pleasure in all aspects of life.

You’ll be invited into exercises and experiences for building conscious connections that transcend words and blocks to intimacy, creating a softer more expanded place to meet your partner in. 

Expect sacred union, ritual & intimacy, alongside practical pleasuring technique teaching, conscious touch, orgasmic breathwork, games for two players, and much more…..

You will walk away from this retreat having journeyed with your partner into new landscapes, and have a tool belt of deep yet playful practices to work with at home, allowing your relationship to flourish to its fullest potential.

This space is available for only 8 couples of any sexual orientation or gender configuration.
You will only be working with your partner for exercises.  You’ll be supported to honour your own organic pace- we’ll meet you where you’re at.

Location: Earth Spirit Centre, Compton Dundon, Somerton, Somerset, TA11 6PE

Date & times:  

Arrive Friday 11th June:  You can arrive from 6pm and we’ll gather 7pm (ish) for dinner

Depart Sunday 13th June:  We will wrap up the group by 3pm, and will need to be off site by 3.30pm

Who we are:

Jem Ayres:

Jem is a certified Sex Geek –  A Sexological Bodyworker, Tantra practitioner and teacher, a workshop facilitator, public speaker and Orgasmic Embodiment coach.  She has over 10 years’ experience in the field of self-development through the body which at one point included running a burlesque company empowering hundreds of women.

Jem now preaches what she likes to call ‘Sexual Self-Development’ and those who have met her know she walks the walk.

Overcoming stage 4 cancer became her focus for a while, and through this process she embraced and worked with the healing power of orgasm. 

Multi-talented and creative she is passionate about helping people to connect with themselves through the body, fine-tuning into the subtleties of our life force, using sexual energy to fuel all areas of life. 

Dave ‘ Hugs ‘ Goddard:

Hugs is a Certified Sexological Bodyworker & a Sexual Pleasure Practitioner.

A practitioner with heart and integrity, he offers bodywork session through Orgasmic Expansion, for those who wish to explore deeper states of erotic pleasure.

Using breath, movement and conscious touch, he guides those he works with to become more embodied, more skilled in knowing their pleasure and helps them increase their awareness of sensation during self-pleasure and sexual encounters.

Hugs is a blacksmith by trade.  He brings his strength, creativity and love of the elements in everything he does, bringing his earth and fire in his teaching through his presence and passion.

The place where Jem (Orgasmic Embodiment) & Hugs (Orgasmic Expansion) meet is where the magic happens!


Luxury accommodation: Earth Spirit Centre, Glastonbury

A place you can really say ‘Yes’ to pleasure!

We will be working in Little Earth, within the Earth Spirit Centre, 5 miles from Glastonbury, Somerset.

EarthSpirit lies within the ‘temenos’ (sacred enclosure) of Avalon, situated in a beautiful landscape between two nature reserves

The shared rooms are beautiful and comfortable with a mixed of shared or ensuite bathrooms, which is reflected in the price choices.

Theres both standard and ensuite accommodation to meet everyones budget.

Each room will have a double bed, some of the standard rooms may be a little tighter / cozy once made into doubles – so first come first served on spaciousness!

Over the weekend we have time to use the sauna. 

The hot tub is now unfortunately unavailable.

The food provided for the weekend is healthy, abundant, vegan and gluten free – other reasonable dietry requirements can be catered for so please let us know your needs.

Earth Spirit website here: Little Earth page

Address:  Earth Spirit Centre, Compton Dundon, Somerton, Somerset, TA11 6PE

Location:  Please check out the Earth Spirit website:


My events have a high level of interest and space is limited therefore its recommended you book well in advance.

A non-refundable deposit is required at the time of booking and please return the attached booking form.

Standard room:  £620 per couple

Ensuite room: £670 per couple 

Room space is limited so please specify which room you’d like to book.

 Price covers: 

  • 2 nights accommodation in a double room.
  • All meals, snacks and refreshments provided. The nutritional plant based menu is amazing and abundant!
  • All workshop teaching and resources


Payment must be made at the time of booking to secure your place.

Non-refundable deposit – £200

Bank transfer:

Pay: Jem Ayres

Sort Code: 40-45-20

Account number: 91485016

Ref: *insert name*Couples Retreat

Monthly payment options:

Pay your £200 deposit then pay the remaining balance off in monthly amounts by standing order.

Abit more…..

This weekend promises to be deeply nourishing for yourselves as individuals and your relationship.  With care, integrity and loving acceptance you’ll be well looked after.


Corona adaptations:

Please see below for adjustments we’ve put in place which should feel reassuring, not restrictive.

Government guidelines around distancing and events is vague and ever changing, so I will be staying informed and making changes as we need nearer the time of the event.


You’d get a choice of your full money transferred or a full refund should the event be unable to run.

Social distancing

Depending on the government’s guidelines in January 2021, we will see how we are with this. But as it currently stands, we ask couples to remain 2 metres from other couples.

Hygiene protocol.

The team and I have a hygiene protocol in place, none of this should be stressful for you.

There will be regular breaks so you can wash your hands and anti-bacterial hand gel available.

If you would feel more comfortable wearing a face covering please bring one, but this won’t be enforced.

None of this should be stressful or impact you and your experience.  We’ll be regularly cleaning the space and behind the scenes alot of cleaning, thought and preparation will be going on to make the space as safe as possible for our group.

The group and venue:

Numbers will be smaller than originally planned, but a huge group wouldn’t be healthy for our nervous system as we come out from lockdown.  We need to take our time feeling back into how it is to be in a group and how intimacy now looks to us with whatever the last few months of lockdown has presented for us.

The venue has plenty of space!!!  And you’ll encouraged to take your own space when you need it. There is a beautiful outdoors area that we will have the option of the use of for the work.  

I really feel the current restrictions and the environment we’ve all been living in this year will be making this retreat an even more rewarding and rich experience of growth, healing, intimacy and pleasure!

My work doesn’t need to massively change to accommodate either the groups needs or government guidelines, its more the practicalities of numbers and hand washing.

But we will be setting the boundaries together as a group at the start of the retreat, as we would usually on any of my retreats.

I do hope you find this reassuring.  Do get back to me with any queries.

Valentines Couples Retreat: Deepening Intimacy. Glastonbury, February 2023
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