Couples Touch Course: Giving & Receiving. Starts 6th Sept, online.

Introducing my new 14 weeks Couples Course on touch…

Disguised as a book club this course will finely tune our awareness around partner touch.

“Touch turns out to be a window into our relationships.”

We’ll be reading The Art of Receiving & Giving, by Dr Betty Martin.

Think you know how to touch? You probably haven’t read this book!

Betty’s work will radically change the way you touch each other.

The book will be the basis of discussions and some of the exercises will be from Betty’s Wheel of Consent work, but this is only the start of our process together.

When I work with couples, this work completely transforms not only their intimacy but their whole relationship.

About the book:

“Not only will this book liberate your sex life, it will also help you navigate all your relationships – romantic, social, business and political – with integrity and generosity.  A groundbreaking life-changing book”

Barbara Carellas, author of Urban Tantra.

In this book you will learn to tell the difference between receiving and giving.  You will learn why we need them and find how each of them feeds you in different ways.  You learn about desire, consent, selfishness, generosity, boundaries, respect and pleasure.  The quality of your touch will vastly improve.  Your receiving will become easy and nourishing, and your giving will become effective and satisfying.  The skills you learn will help you access a full range of feelings, desires and expressions and let you play with others in ways that are real, rich and joyful.

This group will meet online each week covering a different section of the book.

If your partner misses a week you are of course still able to join, just bare in mind there will be guided partner activities on some weeks, but not every week.

Whether you just love a good book, really want to develop your sexual intimacy as a couple or just fancy being part of a new supportive group, this is the place. Its all totally optional, friendly and relaxed….so if you skip a chapter come along anyway and learn from others insights and experiences. You can share as little or as much as you like, no pressure. The Book is only the starting point.

Sessions to include:
Facilitated discussion and chapter reflection Guided practices
Group coaching around relevant sexy topics
Homework set with optional practices and exercises to do at home
A space for sharing
Time for Questions
S*x Coaching wisdom and insights
Plenty of laughter

Don’t underestimate the power group work.

Being in a couple can be isolating sometimes.  Come and be supported in a held-space designed to help your relationship flourish, where you ca learn side-by-side.

It’s bigger than a book club….and it’s bigger than touch.

Buy the book:

Get your copy from Amazon in preparation for the first meeting.

Read chapter 1 “Two Offers” ready for week 1.

Don’t wait, buy it now:

Available in both paperback and kindle.  Highly recommend you get a copy each, so you can read at your leisure.

Dates: 14 Mondays 6th Sept – 13th Dec, with 1 week break in the middle on 25th Oct
Times: 7.30-9.00pm
Cost: £280 per couple


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Anyone interested let me know by email:

Feel free to share with others who may be interested…. lets not keep this a sexy secret!

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