Couples Journey (6 months) Deepening Intimacy. April – Sept 2024, Brighton.

A rich place for relationships to flourish. Couples Tantra Retreat.

This 6 month supported Couples Journey into Deepening Intimacy can help us step into conscious relating, setting some strong intentions for how we want ourselves and our relationship to flourish and grow.  We can change patterns and co-create healthy new habits for our partnership when we give it time and space, and the right tools for bonding.

The beauty of a 6 month journey is that you have a container to keep coming back to over a period of time.  So this course will see you though changes and stages and challenges and growth.

Heres me chatting about the 6 month Couples Journey, Deepening Intimacy.

Changes to our relationships are made by learning new ways to connect which over time create new habits which integrate into our lives with a titrated approach over time, and the holding and witnessing by others is very much part of this. This is a safe yet playful space for yourself and your partner to learn about deepening your connection and meeting each other in a new way.

Relationship can be the place for the biggest growth within our lives, but also has the potential for the greatest challenges.
How easy it can be to stop making time to connect with each other when the daily roles of life get in the way. But recharging or reigniting that spark and desire can be just as easily achieved.

Hear from 3 different couples who have worked with me…..

Orgasmic Embodiment Coach Jem Ayres, will guide you through the 6 month journey with her knowledge rooted in both science & spirituality, and her passion to share sacred sexuality work for healing, growth, intimacy and greater pleasure in all aspects of life.

You’ll be invited into exercises and experiences for building conscious connections that transcend words and blocks to intimacy, creating a softer more expanded place to meet your partner in.

Expect sacred union, ritual & intimacy, alongside practical pleasuring technique teaching, conscious touch, orgasmic breathwork, games for two players, and much more…..

You will walk away from these 6 months having journeyed with your partner into new landscapes, and have a tool belt of deep yet playful practices to work with at home, allowing your relationship to continue to flourish to its fullest potential.

You will only be working with your partner for exercises.  You’ll be supported to honour your own organic pace- we’ll meet you where you’re at.

There are limited spaces and we work honouring couples of any gender and sexual orientation.

Dates: April – Sept 2024

Saturdays: 1.30-10pm

20th April

18th May

15th June

6th July

31st Aug

21st Sept

Location: Kemptown, Brighton

About Jem Ayres:

Jem is a certified Sex Geek –  A Sexological Bodyworker, trauma-informed Tantra practitioner and teacher, a workshop facilitator, public speaker and Orgasmic Embodiment coach.  She has over 10 years’ experience in the field of self-development through the body.

Jem teaches what she calls ‘Sexual Self-Development’ and those who have met her know she walks the walk.

Multi-talented and creative she is passionate about helping people to connect with themselves through the body, fine-tuning into the subtleties of our life force, using sexual energy to fuel all areas of life.


Kemptown, Brighton, BN2


My events have a high level of interest and space is limited to 8 couples therefore it is recommended you book well in advance.

A non-refundable deposit is required at the time of booking to secure your space.

Early bird booking: (£300 deposit paid before 31st January)

£1,650 per couple 

Booking after 31st January

£1,750 per couple

FULL amount must be received before the 20th May. (You can pay via installments)

For payment details contact Jem:

Abit more…..

This 6 month Couples Journey promises to be richly fulfilling. I’m all about learning how to live life to its fullest and following my heart-felt joy in connection with others.  With care, integrity and loving acceptance you’ll be well looked after.

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