Couples Guided Practice Sundays (online) March 2022

Sundays: 6th, 13th & 20th March


Introducing a series of 3 practice mornings for couple.  You can attend one, two or all three.

Set up your nest in the comfort of your own living room and have your coconut oil ready.

When guiding couples on my retreats I see old habits and patterns dissolve as they learn that it’s safe to stretch comfort zones, and find different ways of connecting through the body.

The brilliance of a held space whilst you learn something new is that neither of you need to be in charge.  Someone else is teaching the steps, setting out the map, reminding you to breathe and on hand for any questions.

I created this series of workshops as I work with couples all over the globe who can’t attend my in-person couples’ events due to other commitments, but would benefit from this work.

This work completely transforms not only couples’ intimate lives but also their whole relationship.  

– A held space by a trauma informed, non-judgemental professional.
– A place to keep pleasure on the agenda.
– The embodiment practices mean as a couple we get to drop into the body instead of using the mind to connect and problem solve.
– The practices create a toolbox to use through our lives for resourcing and deepening intimacy.
– The safety of someone else leading the way so neither person in the couple needs to be in charge or making a decision for the pair.
– It’s not bloody therapy!!!! BUT it’s super therapeutic.

We work honouring couples of any gender and sexual orientation.

Dates: Sundays: 6th, 13th & 20th March 2022
Times: 10am-1pm
Cost per couple: £80 each, or £200 for all 3 sessions


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For those who are interested, please let me know by email:

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