Couples Genital Massage Ritual Workshops: 19th & 26th Feb, online.

Genital Massage Ritual for Vulvas and Vulva lovers:  Sunday 19th February

Genital Massage Ritual for Penis’ and Penis lovers:  Sunday 26th February

4.30-6.30pm (UK time) online

Learning how to give and receive genital massage as ritual.  Whether its a partner activity or solo self-touch, the art of genital massage isn’t just a technique-based touch experience.

The honouring of your own or your partners genitals is a deeply humbling process.

It requires us to touch without taking, without needing to get anything back and without expecting a reaction.  To receive this touch is to let go of any fear around performance, or how your response will be judged and to fully surrender into exploring what is there under that touch for you.  It can be pleasure, it can be healing, it can be nourishing, it can be exposing.  When we make ourselves this open and vulnerable and receptive in the presence of our partner we open up to true intimacy and depth of connection.

Whether learning this for your own self-pleasure or to offer a partner it teaches us to drop the goal.  It is not a ‘happy ending’ approach to touch.  It is a devotional act.

There will be a demo and instructions given along the way, as you’re guided into giving & receiving genital massage.

You’re not expected to be naked on screen. This isn’t about voyeurism or exhibitionism.  It’s education.

You’ll learn:

  • How as a giver you can be fully present
  • How as a receiver you can expand your experience
  • How to deepen into ritual as a couple
  • How to take responsibility for your own pleasure
  • How to touch with integrity
  • How to actively receive
  • Practical communication skills to use during intimacy
  • How genital massage goes far beyond the genitals
  • Genital touch techniques
  • And plenty more


£160 per couple, for both workshops

Pay via paypal:

Please unclick ‘goods & services’ to use ‘friends & family’ payment.  If you’re comfortable with that it, it means I can keep my prices low and not charge for Paypal fees.

You’ll be sent the Zoom link after payment has been received.

Any queries or to book contact Jem:

Conscious Connections @ All About Love Festival, 4th – 8th Aug 2022
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