Breast Massage for women. Online, 6th April 2024

An online, guided heart-opening experience for women.

Saturday 6th April 2024


Connecting to our heart space and the reclaiming of our bodies through breast massage is a powerful and beautiful experience.

Sensual touch also helps with resensitising any numbness we may find and allows us to discover exactly what kind of touch nourishes us, and can set the foundation for breast-gasms.

As heart-givers we also need to self-resource and recharge our centre of generosity.

Self-massage reminds us that our breasts aren’t just for nourishing babies or for our partners to enjoy, but also the place where we as women give from.

Let yourself be surprised by the aliveness and vibration to be felt within the landscape of your breasts.

You’ll be taught some different techniques to try, then guided through a self-massage.

You do not need to be on screen for the practice.


See my blog Reclaiming our Breasts: The powerful Self-Love Process of Breast Massage.

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