Let's talk Sex...

Jem blogs on subject matters that come up in her client sessions;
if it’s useful info to one person, then it’s probably useful for all.

The Woman Who Talks About Sex

“Ohhh…you’re the woman who talks about…. *hushed tones* ..sex” I have been recognised on the street before for my talks, podcasts and events. Why do

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Sun on female hand. Silhouette of hand holding sun

Do you touch yourself?

Mindful Masturbation….. Orgasmic Yoga….Self-pleasure coaching.  Call it what you want but since I started coaching people in how to touch themselves to deepen the connection

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Orgasmic Yoga with Jem Ayres Coaching

What is Orgasmic Yoga?

Orgasmic Yoga is the practice of conscious self-touch.  Unlike regular yoga, it’s not about rolling out a mat and making complex shapes. It’s about presence

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