Imagine a life with more pleasure, empowerment
& freedom

Would you like to deepen your connection with your body?
What would it feel like to tap into your full embodied potential?
How different would your life be fuelled by sexual energy?


I work with individuals, and couples of any gender and sexual orientation.



Couples Connection





Jem often runs workshops, gives talks and interviews for groups, companies and at events all over the UK.

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about jem

Bringing an open heart and a creative curiosity, Jem also has a rich and diverse wealth of knowledge and experience to bring to her sessions.

She holds a space of self- acceptance, free from judgement for you to be able to dive deeply and relax into yourself fully.

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Certified Sexological Bodyworker

Through Bodywork and Coaching Jem works with clients who wish to explore greater intimacy, connection, growth and healing in both their relationships with themselves and their partners.

Tantra Facilitator

Jem's background in Tantra influences and enriches her Sex Coaching work with clients. Using ritual, consciousness and energy work, we can tap into a deeper experience of our body and its pleasure.


Jem's personal experience of recovering from Stage 4 Cancer and using Sexual Energy for healing gives her a great gift to offer her clients.



Through Bodywork and Coaching sessions with Jem
clients have experienced:

Greater depth of intimacy in your life with yourself and your partner.

More joy and vibrancy in every day life.

Experiencing new pathways to pleasure in our bodies.

Increased self-confidence leading to attracting high quality people, making better 
decisions and greater motivation and productivity with work.

Growth and expansion in your mindset around your worth.

Ability to know and express your boundaries in any given moment, leading to a greater
sense of safety stepping out of your comfort zone and asking for what you want in life.

A solid grounding and love of your body and your pleasure which increases self-esteem
in all aspects of your life.

Releasing guilt, shame and fear around your sex, your sexuality and your body.

Breaking old habits and creating new patterns for exploration within our body leads us
to a greater awareness of subtle sensations and full body orgasmic bliss experiences.

Working with the body allows for any healing that needs to occur for old stories, wounds
and traumas to shift.

Physical release of anything that blocks us moving into a place of liberated feeling and
ecstatic states allows us to step fully into magnificence reclaiming our bodies, our pleasure
and our choice of how we react and respond in any moment both in and out of the bedroom.

Greater pleasure in our daily lives means we can deal with the challenges and dramas of life
from a place of joy and bliss, instead of fear and anxiety.

What my clients
say about me

Jem’s gentle yet strong presence in the whole process supporting you and helping you to stay focused as well as have some fun is really inspiring. I am on my second set of coaching sessions and have met with pleasure and my resistance to pleasure as well as had some beautiful orgasmic love making with my partner that set our relationship sexually on a new level. It takes courage, self discipline and self motivation to stay with the process and I won’t say I have it all the time but I also am more aware of my limitations which makes them easier to shift. Jem is wonderfully supportive with a no nonsense groundedness which I really like with a wealth of knowledge about different techniques and processes. I can highly recommend her sessions to anyone, single or in relationship.


I felt totally comfortable and safe with Jem to open up and address long-hidden intimacy and sexuality-related issues. When you meet her, it is clear that she intimately embodies self-love, kindness and healthy sexuality, and this is deeply transformative in itself, to be around someone who has intimate experience with this work herself.

Jem is a total natural at this, she has bucket loads of knowledge on the subject of sexual energy and self pleasure beyond what you can learn in a book. Jem embodies her work. Nothing seems to phase her when discussing what was possible for my pleasure practice. I'm inspired by her coaching to integrate it into my life more, I feel like I've scratched the surface of what is possible and look forward to exploring more. Meeting myself and my body with fresh eyes each day, to enhance my pleasure and connection with life.
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