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We have forgotten how to self-love in this day and age.
My aim is to empower people to live the most vibrant and fullest life they can.
Most people I meet today have a feeling of stuck-ness' around their life.
My speciality is working with individuals and groups to inspire them to take action in their own lives to make changes, and turn challenges into times of expansion.

Life isn't just a 'one size fits all' campaign. We have forgotten that we are individuals and need to feed our bodies, minds and souls with the things which fuel us, committing to fierce self-love ensuring we get these innate needs met.

Coaching for those who wish to live life to its most vibrant and fullest

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Healing cancer through choice, self-love and the power of belief - Brighton 2017

Scars hold memories

Scars hold the memories we can’t process. A lot of us have scars on our body, big and small.  Some we know exactly how we got them, some we have ...

Plant-based minestrone soup.

In the heart of winter there is nothing I love more than this herby, hearty soup. The beans give it plenty of protein too, and the rice noodles make it ...

Keeping your wellness diary

In the world of alternative health treatments, I so often hear the same question ‘but how do I know if what I’m doing is working?’.  I’m working with people who ...

“Working with Jem has helped boost my belief in myself and my abilities, I went on the retreat with Jem and learnt so much I would highly recommend working with her both individually and during her workshops and retreat.”